Government Minister avoids the train over visual data security fears

Whilst Rail Minister Simon Burns’ decision to eschew the mode of transport for which he is responsible is understandably galling for the millions of daily rail commuters his justification for this, the need to protect sensitive data from being overseen, is unfortunately credible.

One has only to travel on a crowded commuter train for a few stops to be able to view and capture a wide variety of sensitive information from the documents, laptops and tablets of fellow travellers – a problem which has been exacerbated by the proliferation of high resolution camera phones which can accurately and covertly capture whole documents at the touch of a button.

Recent polling by the organisation ComRes has highlighted this threat, with some 71% of employees admitting that they have been able to see or read what someone is working on in public places such as train, aeroplanes or coffee shops and many organisations now sensibly provide their staff with both guidance and equipment to prevent valuable information from being compromised during mobile working.

Fortunately for the Minister help is at hand, and by taking a few simple behavioural and practical steps to prevent a visual data security breach he will be able to safely work during his commute without fear of compromising sensitive government information.

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